My Gear List . . .

I get asked all the time what I use for my photography. Here is my starting list! Thank you for your support. I'll be updating/adding as I go on this journey.

Landscape Photography Gear


Canon EOS RP – I love this camera. Great image quality and excellent dynamic range. GPS & touch screen are welcome additions. The focus peaking is amazing to get pin sharp images. My first Full Frame Mirrorless Camera.


Batteries for the Canon EOS RP Although the Canon batteries are the best you can't beat the price for these and they last plenty long for my short sessions.


Canon 70-200L f4 (None IS) – A great lens and very affordable. It’s lightweight and tack sharp. I always use a tripod so rarely need the IS.


Canon 24-105L f/4– Probably my most used lens. It offers amazing image quality throughout the focal range and is perfect for a lot of landscape situations. Also comes in handy for portraits & events.


Canon 16-35mm f4 – A lens I have been after for a while. Great quality, not too expensive and really helps with those interesting foregrounds.


Tamron 100-400 mm G2 4/4.5-6.3 – I use this lens for wildlife and when I need to bring scenes closer to me that I cannot physically reach. I alternate between this and the Canon 70-200 f/4. The Canon is lighter and smaller but you can't beat the extra reach of a 400mm..


SmallRig L-Bracket – This allows me to instantly rotate my camera 90º and is one of those accessories: Once you have it, you’ll never be without it.


My Tripod – The TR654C-36 Traverse Carbon Fiber Grounder Tripod with Ball Head from David & Sanford is a compact support that extends to 65", weighs 3.25 lb, and can hold up to 12 lb of gear. It features 180° reverse-folding legs that fold around the ball head allowing it to fold down to just 18.5".. I replaced the head with the Arca Swiss P0 so that I could level the head without having to level each leg. It does sway a little on a windy day when fully extended so I would suggest that you add some weight using the hook on the center column. It's a good value for those on a budget.


Arca Swiss P0 Tripod Head– This is sturdy, lightweight and works in conjunction with my bowl head tripod. This setup allows for fast and accurate panoramic photography as well as single shots.


Combo Adapter for Tripod Head DAB-2 - I have quick release clips for both Arca Swiss and Manfrotto and this adapter lets me use both on my Arca Swiss Head.


SevenOak Heavy-Duty Aluminum Gimbal Tripod Head (SK-GH01) - Handy for Wildlife and under $100. Not as rugged as the higher priced models but works for me.


Haoge 200mm Nodal Slide Double Dovetail Focusing Rail Plate - If you want to do panaramas this is an inexpensive tool to help getting them to line up properly.


Kase and Haida Filters– I use a range of Kase and Haida graduated ND filters, The Kase filter kit includes the magnetic filter holder with a magnetic polarizer filter, and an assortment of Graduated and ND filters. The quality of the glass filters are second to none . I have a couple of Haida filter 3.0 ND and Haida ND Hard Grad (old style) that I picked up for under $100 ea. that fit my budget at the time. The included Filter Pouch – Keeps all my filters together and safe. Get the Red lens caps for the filter adapters, that way you can leave the adapters on your lenses.


Thinktank Speed Racer Camera Bag - I really like this shoulder bag because I can carry so much gear in it. It can be a bit heavy when loaded but with the shoulder and waist straps its manageable. Looks like it might be discontinued though as of this writing.


LowePro ProTactic 450 – Another great bag. Solid with a shell like construction, versatile and is the best bag for overseas travel due to it’s moderate, yet generous size. It's a bit heavy on my old back but for traveling on planes it offers good protection.


New England Waterfalls: A Guide to More than 500 Cascades and Waterfalls (Third Edition)- If you're in search for waterfalls in New England this seem to have all the best ones. Their website is pretty helpful too!


Post Production Work & Editing


My Photography Monitor – I use this monitor in conjunction with my self build PC as it gives a far more accurate representation of how my images will look in print.


Western Digital Passport– This holds all of my data and media when I'm on the road and need to backup files. I use it in conjunction with my Ravpower Filehub.


Ravpower Filehub - this device lets me backup my files off my SDCard easily. I can also view the images off of my iPad. Pretty Slick!


DXO PhotoLab - This is a great Raw editor and file handler for a reasonable price. It also includes The Nik Filter Collection.


Adobe Photoshop – I don’t need to say much about this. I'm still on CS6 but the newer CC versions offer many more features.


Capture One – My primary Raw editor for my studio work. Unfortunately when I need a Raw editor for my newer Canon CR3 files they were not supported at the time so I purchased DXO Photolab.


Photo Printer – I use a Canon Pixma Pro 10. This produces amazing quality prints, up to A3 (13x19") size. Most of my Ltd Edition prints come from this machine.